: help with rear shocks and struts for 92 sts help please not leveling

08-05-11, 05:19 PM
ok well iam looking for those hard to find rear end shocks i have a prob with car not leveling out with weight in back ! car levels out when shut off after driving and passengers get out, i can hear the compresser kick on, on start up and turn off i was told gm doesnt make those shocks anymore so they say, anyhow want to keep car original as much as i can , no kits or pasiive stuff is there any thing i can find out there for this fix with out making a whole lot of changes is there such a shock that i can insatall new and align car up and have the same ride control and leveling system or simillar to what i have for original part, i found a pair here in town at a cadillac junkyard 205 auto salvage in portland or. for $150 with 75,000 miles on them should i buy those to keep car orig. but really want new ones if i can find something that works the same !!!!
any help is great thanks

08-05-11, 06:04 PM
can you get me your VIN?

it will ensure that i get the correct parts looked up for your car

08-05-11, 08:15 PM
1992 sts 4.9l vin 1g6ky53bonu842867 thanks for the help !!!!!!!!

08-05-11, 10:10 PM
No prob.
Technically, it's my job

08-06-11, 11:39 AM
so i was putting your vin into the parts catalog and it gave me a 'check digit' error (which means one or more of the numbers in your vin is incorrect)

a quick look told me that you had an o in place of a zero... they never use the letter o in vins to make sure there's no confusion (also other letters like i and q for the same reason)

so anyways... here's the info on those rear shocks:

They have been discontinued...

... however, all is not lost!

There are still some dealerships that have this part in stock on their shelves

I can get them for your from one of these dealers, but we would be in a non-returnable situation

... alternatively I could point you in their direction and you could purchase from them directly

it appears that I could get you a set (they come sold in pairs) for about $300 including shipping
but i would have to make some calls on a weekday to confirm with the selling dealer


now with all that said, after re-reading your original post it's not really clear how you came to diagnose this down to the shocks being bad.
granted on a car as old as yours the shocks are probably worn out even if the air bladder has held up over the years (which is also not likely)

i just want to make sure you get fixed right the first time and don't end up getting (expensive) parts you don't need

08-08-11, 06:41 PM
78710 ok yes i do want the new stuff if you can get them for me i live in camas wa. near portland or. anyhow i think your right replacing everything back there would be the way to go iam willing to pay the $300 plus shipping, the shocks have the bladder on them correct ? i attached a pic of some simillar shocks my shocks look like these but for a 1992 the ones in the pic are for a 01-04 sts just as a referance for you to go on to make sure there correct for my car well thanks for your help just let me know what i need to do to get the new ones sent to me pay,shipping etc. where and when, anyhow you know what i need for this fix your a pro at what you do
hope to hear from you soon thanks -mike ps. is it the whole shabang ya think i need to fix this prob iam sure its time i've never had a prob with car or motor in 12 years that i had it

08-08-11, 08:04 PM
diagnosing over the internet is hard... not to mention that i don't really diagnose in my day job at the dealership

i'm just a parts guy who probably knows too much about service for his own good

so stepping back a bit, what makes you think it's the shocks? have you ruled out the compressor as the culprit?

another thing to think about is that often times riding around for a long period of time with leaking shocks ends up running the compressor almost constantly and burning it up

the compressor will do a 'prove out' or test of the system when you turn the car on (just ON, you don't need to crank and start the car)
so turn the key and wait a few seconds to see if the compressor runs for a short time and then shuts off
if it doesn't run then that's a problem, and if it runs for a long time that could be a sign of the bladders leaking (or totally shot) in your shocks

again, i'm not a complete expert on this stuff...
this is just the basics that i know...
so if you're not sure about what parts you need definitely get sure before ordering these shocks
also there's a lot of threads relating to this alc/elc/level ride system in the seville/eldorado section as well as the deville ('85-'05) section of the forum

but that being said, we can definitely get you the correct parts - very similar to the ones you have pictured there
and also shocks are normal wear/tear parts - they will wear out over time no matter what
so it might just be a good idea to get these ones while you still can get them (and at a fairly decent price still, i might add)

to get started i'll have to call around to some dealers to make sure that they have the part on the shelf
and verify that there are two shocks in the one package

then i can purchase from them and depending on their policy have them shipped directly to you... or ship to me then you
(which would add to the shipping a bit, but let's not worry too much about that yet)

of course you would have to pay for them first - which we would have to do over the phone (we accept the four major credit/debit cards)
the other dealer will probably not take a return if you change your mind (only if there is some problem, ie defect, with the parts)

so, i'll start calling around tomorrow morning if you want to go in this direction


08-09-11, 03:40 PM
hey chris is there any info on those shocks do ya know much about those monroe sensa trac air shocks everyone keeps posting about, are those the same set up ? or somthing different anyhow i was just wondering about if those would work or do i need a kit is there a shock that i can install, plug in air lines, compresser, reset comp and go lol with out changing anything, just asking ? or original shocks is whats gunna do this for me, in your profession what would you do ? oh iam still interested in those ones your trying to get for me ! thanks again

08-09-11, 05:42 PM
i can't speak about the aftermarket parts much since i've never really sold them... maybe every once in a while when we run across an older car that just has regular gas shocks will we use them, but for these cadillacs (especially the ones with the level air ride) we pretty much only sell the oem parts

some members have noticed that acdelco has another company manufacture their shocks but i can't really remember which ones or who

usually the big difference (besides price) in that kind of situation would be quality control... acdelco probably has stricter (or more often) quality checks ... which causes the price to go up

so all i can really recommend is the ACDelco/GM/OEM shocks although you might be able to get similar results for cheaper from the aftermarket