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08-05-11, 10:39 AM
I've owned a lot of used cars in my days - I've lost count, but it's more than a dozen. The repairs some people find effective and/or safe amaze me sometimes. I've seen some real hack jobs, and this limo is no exception. I thought the vinyl roof was bad.

Check this out:


Above is the fuse panel that feeds all of the accessories in the limo, both internal and external. Lights, TV, sound system, partition window, auxiliary fans and the rear HVAC system. It's fed by that large wire with the arrow pointing to it. It's about a 2 gauge wire.

Now here's where that 2-gauge power feed originates:


What's wrong with this picture? First of all, that 12-gauge jumper wire is the only thing feeding that 2-gauge power supply. How it hasn't melted in half by now is a mystery to me. Second, I don't think that's fused unless the factory underhood fuse panel has a fuse on that terminal. Last, that big power supply wire is chafed and bare copper is hanging out of it where it exits the inner fender underneath the car.

I'm thinking that fender-mounted block (which is installed by the coach builder) was fed by something more substantial, and fused, at one point in time. There's no way a "professional" would feed that big cable by putting a small gauge jumper over to that block.

I need to remedy that situation quick. Have to bump some other stuff off the top of the priority list before I have a fire there. Idiots.

EDIT: Hey - anyone know what that relay and red wire hanging loose by the firewall is for? By the yellow arrow in the 2nd pic.

08-05-11, 10:44 AM
Holy crap.

Looks like your limo was wired by Italians. :lol:

08-05-11, 11:04 AM
Holy crap.

Looks like your limo was wired by Italians. :lol:

I noticed that the coach builder-installed wiring is not nearly as bullet proof as the factory stuff. Butt connectors, crimped connections, etc.I have to say that Federal's wiring appears more "professional" than Superior's though. It's a lot more sophisticated. Like they had a really neat electronic fan controller that worked both aux cooling fans. It had a temperature probe, an input from the A/C pressure switch and a manual override switch inside the car. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore...

Anyway, there's also some wiring in the limo harness that are cut and just laying under the fuse panel. Federal no longer has the wiring schematics so I have some detective work to do.