View Full Version : Power source in center console

08-05-11, 04:15 AM
I just installed a set of headrest monitors in my lade. I can't find a place to tap the power and ground for the monitors. I can't even figure out how to pull apart the center console. I was going to tap into the rear cigarette lighter but I think that power is constant? I'm looking for a 12 volt that only turns on when the ignition is on. Is there anyone out there who installed their own monitors? Thanks for any help.

08-05-11, 06:04 PM
Hi, if i can make a suggestion u need a switched power source instead of a constant one that will drain your battery because a constant source will maintain power on your monitors,Even if switch is turned off. If you want a switched source their is one located in the black fuse box (driver side) under the hood; Fuse # 49 is switched...10 amps. Get one of those "add-a-fuse" things, run a wire from the add a fuse to the headrest monitors.This is what i done it works great ! with no drain on 12v power source.