View Full Version : Interior Front Fan Not Working- Need Advice

08-04-11, 11:12 AM
Hey Guys,

There was another thread in regards to this but no resolution or posts for a year and a half. I was driving my 07 escalade yesterday and messing with the aux(rear) ac fan in 112 degree heat. All of the sudden the front fan stopped working. The display will show the fan represented through out the spectrum of high to low but no air comes out of the vents. The rear still blows cold air and fan speed is adjustable. I did change the front from recirculating to fresh air and I can feel ice cold air moving through the vents
when the truck is moving... so I know the problem is not the AC. Under the hood on the driver's side I have located the fuse box. I have pulled and reseated the black box
that says fan control, to no avail. But I think the problem could be either fan 1 or fan 2(probably fan 1 as it is the front). These look like fuses. Do they pull out? Has
anyone else experienced this problem? Am I way off??? Any help is greatly appreciated.