View Full Version : 2011 SRX now offered: 0%, 36 months....

Smokin' SRX
08-04-11, 09:37 AM
Just saw commercial. May not be offered in all regions. If you've been on the fence, time to deal!

The 2012's are coming, the 2012 are coming!~


08-06-11, 04:11 PM
Absolutely,,,,and they want to dump all the ll's before the 2012 come in or they will have to sit, or do the "$5000" rebate kind of stuff when someone drives an '12...too bad, a greatly improved SRX starting with the most important thing, the engine...everytime I get on the freeway with my 06 I remember the slow '2011 I drove a few months ago. I suppose driving performance cars spoiled me;...maybe some of you came from Toyota's so it seemed like enough power to you?????

08-06-11, 09:57 PM
You better put some serious jack down. I personally would not want a monthly note like that.

*monthly payment for every $1000 you finance is $27.78 for 36 months*

30K would be still be $833.40 a month.

Smokin' SRX
08-07-11, 10:40 AM
True, Jim. If ya have a trade- in or good chunk of greenbacks, it's a good deal. You can save about $5K in interest money over a similar 5 year payout @ 6% interest. My 2003 Yukon (purchased new) was same deal but for 60 months, instead of 36. That $40K truck deal, for a fully loaded 4WD SLT, in 2003, (I only put tax down) was $663 a month! For 5 years. I wound up getting $14K back recently, on my trade, for a 2011 Yukon Denali . So my cost to drive the truck (w/o gas,oil,tires,and about $1500 total repair/brakes,parts over 9 years) was roughly $255 a month, for 9 years. (Of course the payments stopped after the 60 months) I incurred no major equipment failures and the rotors/calipers failed in the 9th year! (damn!)

I consider that a good deal for a new ride with all latest safety/lux stuff. Only way to beat it is to buy a 2-3 year old ride w/ low miles and get an extended warranty. That'll save ya a ton of depreciation and change the numbers downward, by about roughly another $100-$150 bucks a month, over the same 9 years. (all other items being equal) That's cheap!

If you can wait, there's a chance the 2011 SRX leftovers may get a 60 month/ZERO % deal eventually too! The CTS sedan and wagons did................