View Full Version : help with air ride suspension for 1992 sts rear went out need advice

08-04-11, 02:58 AM
does anyone know where to find the right stuff i need for this fix A prob ! car does not level out when people sit in rear seats, back of car looks like its really low, trying to find 2 rear shocks with bladders ive heard monroe sensa trac makes them but cant find them dont wanna go passive would like to keep the same parts on car but new !!! electric or what ever they might be , electric air shocks, leveling compresser still works also any info would help about finding a solution 1992 cadillac sts

08-04-11, 01:50 PM
This forum is for 05 and up STS's

you need the other forum...

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08-05-11, 01:51 AM