: High Performance Brake Rotor Options

Dr. Design
08-03-11, 08:14 PM

We have a large selection of high performance brake rotor options for the 2009+ Cadillac CTS-V Sedan/Wagon/Coupe.

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Part # D33101121
MSRP* ($USD) $3995.00 / set of 4
Application: CTS-V Coupe/Sedan/Wagon
Line Item: D3/ALCON UK Competition Brake Rotors
Ø370 x 34mm 2pc Front
Ø365 x 28mm 2pc Rear
Description: D3 is proud to work with our technology ALCON in developing a true 2pc ultra high performance rotor upgrade.

100% Manufactured in the UK the D3/ALCON 2pc Rotor Upgrade has been designed specifically for CTS-V automobiles allowing for maximum Airgas ventilation allowing for more constant stopping power.

In the US, every IRL title since 2003 has been won using Alcon brakes, and our product is specified as mandatory for the hard-braking road course races. In the world of NASCAR, we are proud to count Penske Racing and RedBull Racing amongst our front-running customers; while a partnership with friction manufacturer, Raybestos since 2006, broadens the use of Alcon designed and manufactured brake components in the top stock car series still further.

Alcon crescent groove discs
Grooves in the surface of a brake disc for high performance vehicles perform three basic functions:

•Increases initial friction between the disc and pads, producing more ‘bite’
•Continuously refreshes the brake pad surface by removing debris from the pad
•Prevents build up of gas from the phenolics within the pads

Traditionally, arrays of long, straight or curved grooves are staggered around the disc surface. Heat generated during braking leads to thermal distortion of the disc due to the discontinuous friction rubbing surface produced by the grooves, causing reduced pad contact and in some cases brake judder. As a result of dividing the grooves into short segments, the continuous disc surface area is maintained, helping to reduce thermal distortion and hence brake judder.

The curved form of each groove produces a longer edge than would otherwise be achieved if the grooves were straight. Also the grooves overlap radially, which prevents grooving of the friction material.
When compared with a disc with plain faces, a grooved disc will produce greater pad wear and will also be noisier.

When compared with a cross-drilled disc, initial bite will be similar without the thermal stress associated with a drilled disc. Noise will be of a similar level.

This product is used on the BOR CTS-V -


Brembo 2pc Front Brake Rotors
Available Exclusively at D3
PN# 108-8008A

The Brembo 2pc Front Rotors are an officially licensed GM product and are a 100% direct bolt on rotors that replace the factory 1pc rotor.

Designed to be utilized with the Cadillac CTS-V OEM brake calipers, Brembo 2-piece front rotor assemblies incorporate an advanced high carbon alloy brake rotor material, mated with a billet aluminum bell and patented anti-rattle floating hardware. Their superior metallurgy and unique directional curved vane design significantly improves airflow and cooling, making these rotors highly effective at managing heat. Similar to the rotor hardware developed by Brembo for some of the worlds top supercars, the anti-rattle hardware design allows a floating rotor to be safely run on the street or track and eliminates excessive noise that is commonly associated with floating rotors. Brembo 2-piece rotors are fully assembled and pre-torqued prior to shipment.

The Brembo 2 piece directional floating brake rotors have been designed for performance on the street or on the track. This upgrade adds more thermo-mechanical resistance, critical in high-performance applications, reduces unsprung weight and dissipates heat faster. The anodized aluminum bell design and e-coated outer rotor protect against corrosion from the elements and ensure a more attractive look.

$1,295 / Pair | USD

D3 Optional Cross Drilled + Slotted Machine
Available Exclusively at D3
In addition to the OEM Brakes D3 offers in house machine services to cross drill, slot or drill + slot most rotors including 2pc rotors.

$100/Each | USD

For additional information, please visit our website http://www.d3cadillac.com/products/cts/2009-cts-v-sedan/brakes or contact us at our offices.

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