: New 2011 with undisclosed hail damage

08-03-11, 11:56 AM
I bought my 2011 brand new Premium in May at about $75k out the door. A week later while car washing I discovered many little dents on the hood (very hard to see on white diamond). So for weeks I've been communicating and getting estimates done. They are raning from $450 to $1750.... but is this legal for them to just sell brand new car with undisclosed hail damage? what are my choices now?

08-03-11, 01:39 PM
What did the dealership say? This is why it is so important to look over the car/truck, and or take someone with you to look it over, these things just cost too much money not to spend the time and make sure you are getting what you want and it's perfect.

08-03-11, 01:45 PM
You can talk to the dealer to see what they have say. I would also call the Cadillac Customer Service and open a case as well.

I believe the dealer can still sell the vehicle with hail damage but they must disclose specially with new inventory. If all fails I would contact a lawyer for legal advice.

08-03-11, 01:56 PM
I assume you notified the dealer as soon as you discovered the dents and have a record of that. If you waited very long you may have a real fight on your hands. They'll probably say they weren't there when you took delivery. I have Platinum Ice also and I found a couple of minor hail dings on the hood a month after a hail storm and I wash mine at least every other week. Had to be in the right light.

If the dings arent too bad the dealer can use a for-hire service that specializes in hail damage repair and their equipment can suck those dings out quite easily. Low cost and good customer relations (if they care about that).

Good luck

08-03-11, 01:59 PM
Sorry, the hail damage mentioned above was on my Platinum Ice SRX not my White Diamond EXT but they are very similar in color and hide minor dings very well.

08-03-11, 03:57 PM
Well I sent them 3 estimates from local areas... I assume they probably pick the lowest price one at $437. I hope this will not show up on the carfax record, if so, then the actual values won't be correct.... that is the part the bothers me more... is that if it's damaged and fixed, then it can't have a total clean record. I will wait and see how they reply as to which method I would take.

Cadillac Cust Svc
08-03-11, 04:01 PM

I am sorry to hear that you have these dents on your vehicle. Did you let the dealership know? If so, what did they say? Also, have you been into contact with Customer Assistance? If so, what is your case number?

Thank you,

Elizabeth, Cadillac Customer Service