: New Person!

Cadillac Kid03
08-02-11, 09:16 PM
Hello Everybody!

My Name is Wes from New Jersey. I recently just bought a 2003 Cadillac Seville SLS with 79K Miles from Gold Coast Cadillac. And looking into buying a 1994 Cadillac Seville that needs work so i'll be posting all the time.

Heres a Video of my Caddy.


Thanks for reading.:thumbsup:

08-02-11, 09:20 PM

08-02-11, 09:23 PM
Hello and welcome

08-02-11, 10:04 PM
Another Cadillac Kid from NJ? egads...

Cadillac Kid03
08-02-11, 10:19 PM
[QUOTE=thebigjimsho;2671353]Another Cadillac Kid from NJ? egads...[/QUOTE

What's up?

08-02-11, 10:33 PM
yoooooo and welcome aboard

have fun :welcome:

Cadillac Kid03
08-02-11, 10:43 PM
Thanks Everyone.

08-02-11, 11:12 PM
Welcome to the party!

08-03-11, 12:22 AM
:welcome: Love the SLS with STS appearance package.

08-03-11, 08:08 AM
Hiya !!! Welcome Aboard...........:highfive:

Until the site is repaired, we have no car ID possible - I drive a 2002.5 STS.

Go up ^^^ to the black bar and read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive. Then go down to Discussions, Item Specific and wade through as much of the Cadillac Tech Tips as you can, reading threads of interest. Then, go up to the lower dark blue bar, Community tab, and click on Albums. Find my two - the red Seville. In those 2 albums are a slew of tables and diagrams that bear directly on your new car. Lastly, read the Owner's Manual - twice. There are new items in there that you may not be familiar with in other cars. This SLS is very different from what you may have driven in the past.

Run your car's VIN through the sticky post "VIN to RPO converter" to find out exactly which Regular Production Options are built into that car. (Sticky post at the top of the Seville main page).

08-04-11, 03:30 PM
Nice car. STS appearance package dresses up the SLS nicely.

08-04-11, 03:46 PM
Welcome, and nice ride, looks exactly like my STS! :thumbsup:

Cadillac Kid03
08-04-11, 04:08 PM
Thanks again every one!

The reason I bought the SLS was my father had a 1999 Cadillac STS, Green, with the saddle interior. When I was a kid I thought that car was the sh*t and I said to my self I would own one and then the SLS popped up right after I got a job, and I went for it. I've driven some of my parent's cars and nothing rides like a Cadillac.