: GMX 550 Lock Pick Question

08-02-11, 03:16 PM

I have a question to all who have installed the GMX 550 unit....

1) Did anyone install aftermarkets cameras (front and side) ? If so, any pics of the install? Also, what company camera did you go with

2) What bluetooth connectivity brand/kit goes with this unit?



08-02-11, 04:22 PM
Have the same ?'s you do.

My GMX 550 will be here the end of the week and did the backup camera from there. After finally finding a video of how the mirror cams work with the turn signals I may be buying another license plate mount for the front and the miniature camera's for each side. Thats what coastal e tech used not sure how to mount them however...


It would be interesting to mould them under the mirrors or something...

Would like to know if you can use any other cameras besides those 2 with the lockpick