: Anyone Near Cleveland or with in a hour or so drive of Cleveland with a Tech 2 ?

08-02-11, 11:10 AM
Ok so im looking for Someone that is in or near Cleveland Ohio that has a Tech2 that they wouldn't mind giving something a try
i figured id post it on the Community Form
I could go to a dealer and insist that just try it if it doesn't work still charge me hey they get there money but they are all very difficult to try and convice to do something and try something new around here they seem to be stubborn and not willing to learn anything

so id just like to find a Forum Member or someone who knows someone with a Tech2 perhaps
I am going to switch out my Suspension and i don't want to get some conversion kit from a company like Arnott where i have no clue who even makes there struts or shocks for all i know they are some cheap Monroe Matic or Gabriel junk stuff
and i don't want to do a resistor id like to try something els out
wich is going into the
the BCM with the Tech to going to the BCM Pro Codes and Deleteing or deactivation the F45 Option
So i know for this i would need a Tech 2

i know i have read that it has been done on some corvettes

So i am thinking it should be possible ot do on the Seville

Anyone know a Independent shop with a tech 2 near or in Cleveland oho
or are there any Members with a Tech 2 in or near Cleveland that would be willing to give this a try ?


I guess since PM's are not working right now best way to get ahold of me would be post in here or Send a Email to me at

thank you