: Virtual Advisor Kills Engine?

08-01-11, 09:04 AM
I was driving the car on a local freeway and dialed up the OnStar Virtual Advisor, the automated response was that "I was not eligible" and to call Onstar. (My subscription does not run out till next year.) So I tried calling it a second and thrid time as I figured I was in a bad area, but the same response.
While I am on hold with OnStar (as they are trying to figure out why I get those recordings), the instrument panel gauges all go completely dark for a couple seconds, I then get alerted on the panel that there is a problem with the "Security System", and my engine begins to lose power, this incident played out 2 times while I was on hold. Ultimately, I had to pulll over, shut off the vehicle and all the gauges returned to normal.

I know these cars have a remote "slowdown" that OnStar can activate in case of theft, although OnStar denies anyone sent that signal to my car.

Any thoughts on this?

P.S. The next day, Virtual Advisor was up and running again.

Smokin' SRX
08-01-11, 09:13 AM
Never heard. Wouldn't worry as they no doubt DID send some kind of reboot signal or something. To quote "Westworld" .... we don't know how because the computers built the computers....

Little scary. And my 2011 Yukon had similar message (Not available) for Virtual Traffic Updates, over a 60 mile trip. They also gave me a "reset" but w/o incident. Still no Virtual traffic but an engineer has been assigned. Onstar itself works fine.

PLS let us know if it ever happens again.