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07-31-11, 08:54 AM
'99 DeVille Base, non-Bose. 5.25" and 6x9" Does anybody know the power handling of these speakers? Thanks.

08-03-11, 04:15 PM
I had the same setup in my '95. The 6x9s are 10 ohm full range (as are the 5.25") - and balked at a aftermarket 20 Watt RMS JVC head unit (they couldn't handle the lower frequencies at mid power). It wasn't too long ago that aftermarket units would only push 4 watts, and would distort long before peak of 5.66 W.

My guess is that 15W RMS / 20W peak is the rating, based on the older Delco 6x9 PN (16149096) that I took out of my car. However, the Rockford Fosgates I replaced the stock units did not have sufficicantly larger magnets than the stock, therefore the power handling of the stock units SHOULD handle most of the aftermarket units out there. It seems that if if you really needed more power, you'd opt for an external power amp, and just about all aftermarket units have the RCA jacks from the pre-amp section.