: Has anyone stretched their V's legs at The Silver State Classic?

07-31-11, 03:29 AM
I want to legally drive 90 miles on a freshly paved Nevada highway at the speeds are cars were designed to run. Has anyone on the forum participated in The Silver State Classic? A little info below.....

Event Descriptions

Nevada Highway 318 Events

The Nevada Highway 318 events are identical, differing only in the time of year. They begin just South of Lund, at White Pine County just north of mile marker 9, head South through Nye County, and finish at Lincoln County mile marker 7. The journey traverses 90 miles of two lane highway which has recently been repaved and is in excellent condition, with long straights, twisty sections, and dips, which for the faster participants, may result in an airborne experience. Entrants receive a set of Course Notes and a video tape to help them prepare for the event. The cars are run in classes at five mile per hour increments, from 95 mph to 180 mph, with the class determined by the vehicle's safety equipment, the driver's experience level and the driver/navigator comfort level. There is also an Unlimited Division for very experienced drivers with full race-equipped cars. Vehicles are started at one minute intervals and 30 second intervals, beginning with the 150 mph class and working back to the 95 mph class. Once the last 95 mph class vehicle clears the course, the Unlimited Division and the higher speed brackets over 150 are run as the final group.

The "High Noon Shootout" at the "Classic Corral" is a new and additional event presented by the SSCC. This event is a One-Mile acceleration contest on fenced SR-490, in Ely, NV taking place on the Saturday's before the NORC and SSCC events from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm. This event will allow the driver to test their cars at speed and perform final tuning and reliability checks before the Sunday event. All participants must be registered pass final tech inspection prior to 12:00 noon Saturday. Cars will be allowed as many runs as possible within the time allowed by the road closure permit. Detailed information will be supplied at registration and results will be announced at the Driver's Meeting on Saturday night. You can do this exicting new "Shootout" for only $200.00. For those that have already entered the event and are interested in registering for the "High Noon Shootout", please contact Steve Waldman by email stevezw@cox.net or (702) 631-6166 or contact Gail Waldman at register@silverstateclassic.com.

See RULE BOOK for Requirements

07-31-11, 02:20 PM
I, and others, run other open road races in these. In most you're limited to 124 MPH as your max speed. The average for the 124 "Tech Speed" would be 100, 105, and 110. If you add a 5-point, you can cruise UP TO 140 max speed, and increase your average speed. After that, up to 168 if you add a roll bar.

08-01-11, 12:42 AM
If I understand, most tracks will not let you run at 165 with the factory provided safety systems? I know an approved helment is needed but I guess I need to reread the Silver State Classic rules. I knew I could not run at top speed, but I thought 160 range was allowed. Bummer.

08-01-11, 07:47 AM
The guys at East Coast Supercharging did it a couple of years ago. It would be fun, but too much of a hassle if you ask me. I think you have to run in the lower speed groups for one or more events and then you can "slowly" work up to the higher groups by getting a license?? and adding parts. I hit 155 yesterday "south of the border", there are all kinds of roads around me that I can have my own personal Silver State Classic every weekend if I want.

08-01-11, 11:44 AM
Heck, it's Nevada. Get 3 guys together and have a couple scout out an open area with some FRS radios and GO!

08-01-11, 02:28 PM
I was going to head to Silver State this year but ran out of cash.

The tech speed limit for a first timer is 124 mph. As said, after that, it moves up based on your level of safety equipment.

It looks pretty fun for car people and good chance to see cool cars and meet cool people.