: Steering wheel radio controls not working?? ( sometimes they do, sometimes they dont)

07-31-11, 01:45 AM
I have a 2005 sts and the steering wheel controls only work sometimes. Either all of them work or all of them dont, the bulbs behind buttons are illuminated. They are all of the buttons on the steering wheel: Voice control button, mute, volume up and down, radio channel change,. The heated steering wheel button doesnt even light up or seem to ever work. And recently my service airbag light came on also. I dont have code on hand right now but it refered to the airbag in the steering wheel. When im driving they will stop working and they might come back on a few minutes later or not at all. I have checked all the fuses and they are fine, im leaning toward loose wires but dont even know where to start. I tried banging on the steering wheel and cussing but it hasnt fixed it yet. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

07-31-11, 02:46 AM
Based on all the points you mention I would be looking at the clockspring. You should of course check that the connectors are secure (steering column side and those behind the air bag). If they are, that would be my bet. The heated steering wheel problem may or may not be related. These are problematic all on their own.

08-07-11, 01:09 AM
Update!!!! I how now been driving the car at night and realize when i spin the steering wheel all of the buttons light up or turn off. if i sit in the driveway and spin the wheel from side to side they turn on and off with the spinning of the wheel. so i am assuming ddalder is right with the conections, but what is the clock spring and how can i check the conections? do i have to dismantle the steering wheel? thanks for your help.

08-07-11, 01:20 AM
also the horn doesnt work when the steering wheel lights are not on, and the service airbag soon light is on reguarding the drivers airbag. how can i check the conections?

08-07-11, 11:13 AM
The STS uses a a ribbon cable resembling a clockspring for the steering-wheel connections. Yours is probably damaged or not installed correctly. Since the airbag is involved, I wouldn't consider this a Do-It-Yourself job.

I can't recall (m)any other members reporting this issue so I'd recommend having a pro replace the cable. Otherwise, the job may have to be repeated.