: 4T60-E Transaxle, feels like park paw spring is worn out.

07-30-11, 08:21 PM
I have a beautiful 92 fleetwood that has been all around a steal. I have been having issues with the transmission linkage. 1. The shifter would not go all the way into park, unless you let the car roll and let the park paw engage, then it would unlock the doors and allow the ignition to be turned off. 2. I adjusted the linkage and it was fine for a while, until I could hear the park paw partially engaged in reverse, it is to the point now the park paw engages in reverse and disengages in neutral. I have had too replace a park paw in a 4L60 before after it got sheared off. Let me tell you it's not easy. Does anyone have experience changing a park paw in a 4T60-E or know of an adjustment, besides the shift linkage, i can do to correct this? Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.:o

07-30-11, 10:13 PM
I found info on the pawl actuator rod wearing out and am going to tear into it. Is there anything else I should check while its apart? What drum have I been reading about?

07-30-11, 10:14 PM
Is it like a clutch basket?

07-31-11, 05:12 AM
Could you be more specific as to what 'drum' you mean? The reverse reaction drum?

While the transmission is open check the solenoids for the proper resistance values (if you have an FSM the values can be found there, if not I'll try to look them up for you), and you might as well replace the 1-2 shift valve with the improved unit from Sonnax. The Sonnax valve should only be around $12-$14 dollars or so.

08-06-11, 06:21 PM
The reverse reaction drum is what I was talking about. There are some fine metal shavings in the bottom. I had my friend put a buger on the end of the park pawl actuator rod and i ground it down, easy cheesy, cheap.

08-06-11, 07:52 PM
Im going to get some new dextron 2, filter and silicone. Did you find the values for the shift solenoid?

08-06-11, 08:02 PM
where does the shift valve go?