View Full Version : Fleetwood devoloped a st-st-stutter.......

07-30-11, 05:36 PM
i have a 94 fleetwood LT1, and recently it started to miss and stutter, lack power, but only when its hot, when i first fire it up it runs so so good its got a K&N 6" filter, converted to cold air i removed both the resonators/intake silencers its got new cap and rotor, and new plugs, no cats and Flowmaster style muffs its got 193,000 miles, it was running great until...i put Lucas Deep Fuel System Cleaner, i dont think thats the problem, and i also sprayed the engine compartment down with water, but the problem just all the sudden started, not immediately after washing the engine but days later, and only when its hot, then at idle u can hear the miss, from the exhaust its coming from the 1357 cyl bank, but all the plugs look the same, the injectors are all clicking please help, i was kinda thinkin bout EGR but not sure where to star, also there are no codes78432

07-30-11, 08:12 PM
Has it been a tank since you ran the fuel system cleaner? It you are still using the gas with the cleaner in it, you engine will not run as well (especially if you have less than a half of a tank left).

08-01-11, 02:32 AM
well i have used up most or all the fuel that was in the tank, i have added fuel since then and am using 87octane, but have never had a problem with the way that the motor has run in the past, but like i said when its cold it runs really great, has alot of power and the cold air sounds really good now that the silencers are gone, but once its warmed up it starts missing and when cruising at 55 in OD its terrible but in 3rd its still present but not nearly as bad

08-01-11, 10:23 AM
There might be a problem with the ignition coils. GM, in the '90's had a problem with heat-sinking, where the engine temperature would raise the resistance in the coil and cause it to malfunction. The fix is to replace the coil.

08-02-11, 03:25 AM
thanks sven that really makes alot of sense, although in the past i have known coils not to malfunction but rather just stop working entirely, example i had an Accel Super coil in an old pontiac, it got hot and exploded spraying hot oil all over but the engine still ran until i shut it off, when i tried to restart it was just dead, but i think u could be right with the coil thing cause nothing else really fits the problem. thanks again ill let ya know if it remedys my problem