: I guess I am now officially all GM as the C63 in no longer in the family

07-30-11, 04:04 PM
Just traded the C63 in on a GMC Denali Truck. Have had the Mercedes C63 and the V for a while now. The V has totally won over everyone. Both are good cars, but I want a truck, not enough room for another set of wheels without one leaving.
The V is preferred by all. It is more comfortable for around town driving and just plain simply quicker and faster than the C63. The C63 has served us well, but the V has done better, thus it is still with us. :cool2:

07-30-11, 04:30 PM
Good to hear! I know you liked the C63 but I always thought of it as a midget E63. Too much visually packed into too small a package...

07-30-11, 04:36 PM
Congrats! That is the exact truck I would get if I ever need a pickup. It really is a beautiful truck! That 6.2L just needs an intake and tune from Jesse and it would run strong! Our Escalade with the exact same engine runs strong with just a tune from Jesse.

07-30-11, 04:49 PM
So you like your tunes from Jesse?

07-30-11, 05:52 PM
Maybe... Jesse's Girl - is that a good tune? LOL

07-30-11, 10:10 PM
A tune from Jesse is definitely in the short term future for the V....Guess I wouldn't want the Truck to feel left out!

08-01-11, 07:50 AM
Nice to hear an unbiased pick of the V over a 6.3 AMG. I still love the sound of those cars!

08-01-11, 12:13 PM
Nice to hear an unbiased pick of the V over a 6.3 AMG. I still love the sound of those cars!Whether you love or hate Mercedes, there is no denying that engine is a BEAST!

08-01-11, 10:26 PM
It is a wonderful engine, fun to drive... Feels like a giant go cart. My wife would make me stop the car so she can dial the iphone! Even the Denalli is a smoother ride.