: New bushings installed review.

07-30-11, 03:23 PM
So the V had a clunk which had gotten much worse while I was deployed. The car is my wife's DD and she was really having to baby the car on acceleration because if the huge clunk under anything but light acceleration :mad2:. Did some research on the symptoms and discovered the the the engine mount was bad. Decided to go with Creative Steel after reviewing some customer
feedback on their product and Customer Service.

Ordered and just installed the following from Creative Steel

1. Engine mounts
2. Rear Diff Bushing (Also rented their tool to pull the old bushing and pressin the new one with out removing the rear diff).
3. Poly Bushing Diff Block
4. Trans Mount

I went to a local performance shop to see how much it would cost to have these parts installed. They quoted $600. Well that was enough motivation for me to try myself and I am glad I
did. Creative Steel's web site has a video posted for the engine mounts and the rear diff tool came with laminated instructions with BIG clear pictures. This is something the average joe
should be able to do. I am not a pro wrench turner by any stretch but was able to complete everything in two weekends. A person with a higher aptitude should be much quicker. I recommend you get some extensions, wobble drive, and some Star 3/8 drive sockets. I also had to get a Reverse Torques 10M drive. When I did the rear diff I also unhooked all the rear
exhaust shackles for the extra clearance and it was much less frustrating. Everything was done on ramps and jack stands in the drive way.

Drivers side engine mount was completely broke, Trans mount was still good but very inadequate compares to the CS one. Same for the rear diff mount. Finished the install this morning and went for the "test drive". Car drives better than new. The trans mount really cleaned up the shifter and now it is easy to find 5th, 6th, and reverse. Shifting had a much more positive feel. WOT acceleration there is ZERO clunk, thump, or any other strange driveline noises. The drive train felt tight and efficient. I could definitely tell the power was getting to the rear wheels instead of transferring in to driveline slop. For the stress test I tired a Clutch dump (4K RPM) start from a dead stop. The the car did have the some wheel hop but it was MUCH less that before, even when the car was new. I
forgot how fun this car was to drive! The improvement driving was well worth the money spent for the parts. Took the wife for a drive and she was really surprised at the difference, and she usually says she can't tell a difference. She used to like to take her car the the track before to (1/4 mile) but stopped because the clunk was so bad but is now ready to go back. If you are tired of sloppy drive line annoyances and are on fence about this mod or the product from Creative Steel trust me it is time to pull the trigger, and Creative Steel's customer service is definitely top notch. Just my experience.

07-30-11, 11:43 PM
i gotta do motor mounts, diff bushing, and cradle mounts. I've had the diff bushing since I bought my car 2 years ago.

08-01-11, 12:25 PM
I wish I'd have known about the diff block when I installed my diff bushing. I still have a little bit of clunk under hard acceleration, but it's been much reduced.

08-01-11, 08:16 PM
You should be able to do the block relatively easy. Three long bolts drop the rear diff onto the exhaust, put the block in (i used a floor jack to push the diff back up to fully seat the bushing block) and bolt it back up. Taking the exhaust off the rear shackles will make it much easier.

08-01-11, 08:58 PM
Yeah, I did the bushing install myself. I'm just not looking forward to doing it again. The front bolt was a real PITA the get back in.