: Traction control ...burnout ...no worky ???

07-30-11, 03:39 AM
I have searched and got some good info on all modes . Tonight testing the new mt drag radials before a local race i set up i couldnt do a burnout . I had the trans in sport and tc off but as i pushed the brake down then the gas it felt and sounded as if the tc was on . After playing with the modes for a min i found if i pumped the brakes i could get a decent burnout. Anyway i read that if after i put the trans in sport mode instead of just pressing the tc button but to rather hold it for 5 secs. It pretty much turns everything off and i can do whatever ....is that correct ??

I just want the thing unrestricted totally cause on some launches in some modes it feels as if its restricting the car a bit in lower gears till it has traction and with drag radials i need it all right away thats what the mt's are for !! Thx guys !

07-30-11, 04:04 AM
If you hit the traction control button twice, it will toggle to competition mode. This is the least intrusive the traction control gets. The DIC will indicate the setting.

07-30-11, 06:43 AM
I bookmarked the below linked post for my rare :( sojourns to the track.

Here are all the possible modes:

TC on/YC on - standard, no button presses
TC off/YC off - press and hold for 5 seconds
TC off/YC on - press button once
TC off/YC on - "Competitive Mode" - press button twice quickly

In any mode other than standard mode, pressing the button once will re-enable both TC and YC.


David Nicholas
07-30-11, 08:38 AM
For burn-outs, I suggest you are better with everything off, (hold for 5 seconds). "Competitive mode" does not disable the Stabilitrac yaw control, it only opens it up a bit. Once your tires start spinning, YC is in "full alert" and if your tail slips sideways to create any more than a 5-10degree deviation from your steering angle, it will throttle you back.

You may want to flip "Competitive mode" back on once you've warmed up the tires, but I've noticed this car launches so evenly that I find the YC unnecessary on a straight-away.

07-30-11, 09:18 AM
Yes hold the button until the DIC reads "Stabilitrak control off".

07-30-11, 01:03 PM
Yes hold the button until the DIC reads "Stabilitrak control off".

This is what I use too.

07-30-11, 01:47 PM
Too much brake.

08-02-11, 09:08 AM
I also had a hard time spinning my new MT 305 35 19 MT tires on the street.
Have look at this thread on this subject:

08-02-11, 10:08 AM
This is what I did at the track, with PS2's mind you. Push and Hold TC button until Stabilitrak Disabled appears in the DIC. Then push the brake down all the way, then push the gas down, you will feel the engine start to load up, then slowly release the brake until the tires start to spin and then continue releasing the brake until the car moves forward a good bit and then let off the gas. This is what it looks like from the outside.

Remember this was street tires, but the concept should remain the same.

08-03-11, 09:14 PM
i had tc off 'only" and I went sideways on the 2nd to 3rd shift. at 80mph in the 1/4. very scary. still pulled at 14.65

08-04-11, 09:01 AM
i had tc off 'only" and I went sideways on the 2nd to 3rd shift. at 80mph in the 1/4. very scary. still pulled at 14.65

Turning off TC and stability control can be very dangerous with all the power that the V has.
I have seen guy spin out on the track after 2nd to 3rd shift with PS2 tires.
He was lucky as there was not much damage.

08-04-11, 10:19 AM
is a burnout needed with DRs?