: few probs and also another problem with the P 0102 code

07-30-11, 02:38 AM
my STS is bugging me!

It got the P 0102 code and I replaced the MAF sensor and tightend all bolts from the intake! sometimes the ELC comes back... always same code.
What else could it be?

sometimes the engine wont accelerate right... its like swallows up ( donīt know how to describe) mostly from accelerating from the stand. mostly also the ELC comes up.
maybe the sparks? or the ignition coil?
or what could it be?

and in my opinion it is a litte to early that the wheel bearings are went bad! after 6 years and 70000 mls. my old cadillacs never had these problems!
also the shaft seal from the engine to the tranny went bad! thats a old story from the N* and that suckīs after nearly 20 years after introducing the N*.

I really love Cadillac over decades but in my opinion its like every other car brand! producing musst be cheap and the durability is a mess!

07-31-11, 05:59 AM
any suggestions ?:(

07-31-11, 07:27 AM
any suggestions ?:(
I know it hurts but bite the bullet and take it to your nearest Cadillac dealer.

08-01-11, 05:38 AM
P0102 is a lower than expected voltage error. Since you replaced the MAF sensor (let's assume that the new one is functioning); my next step would to check for faulty wiring (to the sensor) or a bad connector. The link (I found) also mentioned it could be a faulty ECM (but this is rare).


08-01-11, 05:49 AM
thx guys

well the nearest cadillac dealer didnīt find the solution! that s why I posted it here! our german cadillac dealers are a pain in the ass.