: Need new brake pads, which brake system do I have?

07-29-11, 05:43 PM
Hello, I need new brake pads and I went to purchase some but I don't know whether I have JE5 or JL9 brake system. Where can I find this out at? I was going to call the dealer but the parts dept is closed and I plan on doing it tomorrow morning? Any help is appreciated. Also does anyone have experience with Wagner brake pads? Thanks

07-29-11, 06:10 PM
disregard , I found the part # sticker by my spare tire

07-30-11, 08:55 PM

08-01-11, 06:58 PM
:cool2::cool2::cool2:IF ? You have regular brakes, I have used Performance Brakes, premium NON Ceramic pads,
and I am very happy, HOwever I did team them with slotted, drilled, rotors , up front,
after many miles, they still are sticky, and STOP great !
Good Luck !