: 92 Brougham Window Motor Replacement

07-29-11, 05:15 PM
I am determined to replace my driver's side window motor without taking the car to a garage....

'92 RWD Brougham d'Elegance. I have taken the door panel apart without much trouble. The Haynes manual says something about drilling 3 holes into the inner door because the window motor bolts are not accessible. I am not sure where to drill. The manual says some models have 3 small dimples to mark the locations which I do not see. Other models require a "template" which has to be attached to the door in order to locate the drilling sites. I ordered a new window motor this afternoon at NAPA and the guy at the counter didn't seem to have a clue what I was talking about.

Any info would be much appreciated!!!

07-29-11, 07:41 PM
Not sure about drilling for bolts, I thought you just have to drill out the rivets. Can you see rivets or bolts with the panel off.

07-29-11, 09:10 PM
They look like rivet heads with about 1/4 inch of thread sticking out of the middle on the side that faces the interior of the car. There is no nut on the end. I reached around on the inside through one of the access holes in the door and I do not feel a nut or bolt head that I would be able to get a wrench on once inside. The inside part seems to be flat.

07-29-11, 10:06 PM
Yea those are just rivets then. Do you see a need to cut any access holes? The new motor will come with nuts and bolts to replace the rivets.

07-30-11, 09:36 AM
There will be three rivets holding the motor on I believe. I just did this with my 91. the new motor will have new nuts and bolts like Csbuckn said. The hardest part getting the motor out after you drill out the rivets. also make sure to grease the belt/track with disc brake grease. or something non silicone based.

07-30-11, 04:53 PM
Got the new motor today from NAPA complete with nuts and bolts. I can see the 3 rivets that you mentioned mjs182004. I'm planning to start working on it later tonight when it cools down a bit. We've got our 6th heat wave here in Delaware now....it's about 100 degrees. I will hopefully be less likely to loose my temper and set fire to my old gal once it cools down to about 80 in my garage :) Thanks for the help guys. I'll keep you posted!

07-31-11, 12:39 AM
anytime, I just wished I would have taken pictures of the whole ordeal.

07-31-11, 02:46 AM
Mine was a few years older, but I replaced it last week. It had no rivets at all and I just had to play around at an awkward angle with a special screwdriver and remove it all and put in the new one, lining it up on the track.

07-31-11, 07:45 PM
Mission accomplished! Window motor is in, working, and I got the door panels all put back together with no leftover parts :) If anyone else is considering tackling a window motor, I would say go for it. The job was not particularly difficult, just tedious at times. If you are shopping for a window motor I would suggest NAPA for the best price, I paid 33 dollars for it. AutoZone wanted 49.99 for the same thing. Thanks again to mjs182004 and csbuckn!

08-01-11, 02:43 AM
I paid $26 on Ebay for two. Should have asked me first :yup: It just sucks sometimes when you have to wait for shipping if it takes more than two days.

I had a spare for whomever wants to pay for shipping...presuming they didn't change them between '87 and '92.

No worries, I'll probably attach it to some kind of animatronic, like all the other motors in my garage.

06-21-12, 07:50 PM
im replacing the window motor on my 1991 brougham .. so far i already removed the ribbets and the motor is still attached to the railing... how do i remove the motor from the actual railing??? please help

07-11-12, 07:27 PM
im replacing the window motor on my 1991 brougham .. so far i already removed the ribbets and the motor is still attached to the railing... how do i remove the motor from the actual railing??? please help

Did you figure it out? I'm having the same issue now. Got everything disassembled and the rivets drilled out but cant free the motor from the metai rail that the belt rides in. Any help appreciated.

11-23-15, 03:35 PM
Anyone else do this recently? I've got a new motor and stripped door, and noticed the same thing.