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07-29-11, 04:36 PM
BOSS Wheels

Hey everyone,
I really like the BOSS Motorsports wheel line...but i can't decide which ones to get for my daily driver (2008 EXT).
I basically am trying to choose between these two wheels:
BOSS 333, and BOSS 330
I have no idea what will look good so i'm looking for any advice or help! Has anyone had any experience with either of these on a 2008 EXT? My truck is black, so I think black on black will look cleaner. Not looking for anything too flashy, but something that will make my car stand out. Iíll probably want to get 22inch wheels (if they fit).

Thanks for your help!

07-30-11, 01:27 AM
I had 22" Boss wheels on my Escalade last year with 305/40/22 tires. I had no issues running them. Out of the two wheels you listed, I like the 330 better. Any reason for not wanting the 24s?