: Taking Pre-Orders for bottom end stud kits-

07-29-11, 02:23 PM
The standard size bottom end stud kit has now been designed.


-more accurate torque
-studs are fully engaged in the aluminum block threads prior to the torque process
-less chance of threads stripping out (by far)
-less chance of oil pressure loss (oil flows past the shaft of 12 of the main bolts/studs, if one is not properly torqued, your engine will wear out)
-proper claming force on the bottom end will promote better bearing break-in (as opposed to loose bolts or uneven clamping pressure)
-guaranteed not to snap (as the original factory bolts often do)
-oversized repair studs (patent pending) will be available as well in full sets or custom quantity mix (repair only the holes that actually are stripped, yet still have the whole bottom end studded)

These are metric roll-threaded studs that will handle way more clamp load than the factory original bolts. Remember- the way the bottom end is designed, bearing clearance is determined by the factory machining of the block. As long as the mating surfaces are clean between the block halves, and you torque the perimeter bolts in sequence PRIOR to main stud torque, a bit extra clamp force than factory will not distort the castings or change bearing clearance. Details will be released on torque specs, but so far I believe we will be going with:

-studs screwed hand tight in the block
-nuts torqued to 45 ft. lbs. (as this thread ages, please check our website for proper/current torque specs)

An added feature to promote proper oil distribution (instead of any possible bypass by the flange nut) is an O-Ring seal on the nut. This combined with thread locker/sealant tape on the stud will eliminate any possible oil-bypass. In other words, we need to do everything possible to keep pressurized oil up where it belongs: around the bearings and moving parts- not dripping past the bolts back into the oil pan.

I expect to ship without any exception by August 30th/2011 and guarantee by September 8, 2011. For one forum member it will be much quicker because he was the first one to speak up and ask for the kit.

The oversized studs and/or kit will be available soon for permanent, problem free thread repairs.

Here's a photo of the stud.

Pricing for pre-orders is set at $155 per set + shipping costs (probably about $20 to most states), + taxes for Canadian customers
Pricing is subject to change after the kit is fully available. Priority goes as follows: First come, first served. Email info@northstarperformance.com with subject "MAIN STUDS" in the subject line. Thank you all!


07-29-11, 02:37 PM
:hide: Jake, from an old engine builder: $155 is far, far too low for 20 specially made studs, nuts, washers, O-rings. :suspense: You won't even cover your labor, much less materials.

07-29-11, 03:01 PM
Thank you Jim- I likely will not be able to keep my price of $155 but I am still working to cover the cost of getting that CNC machine in the shop to produce everything in-house. I'm currently willing to sell at cost if need be (pre-orders a month ahead is money up front that I can use as capital to finish paying for the Miyano.) Where are decent banks, where are leasing companies- when you need them. Money is refundable if I for some reason cannot deliver as promised. But if the customers can wait a few weeks and are willing to trust me, it is a savings for them, and it helps me get what I've needed since the beginning.

07-29-11, 03:02 PM
I've seen CNC machining in action and NOTHING beats the speed and precision.

07-29-11, 11:27 PM
Looks great, Jake! :thumbsup:

07-30-11, 03:45 PM
ok um im confused here so these studs are for the bottom end do you mean for the oil pan ? or are these for the half shaft ? since im not all that experience and im not a mehcanic don't know what im looking at exactly but curious what are the studs for ? are those what hold the Oil pan on on the bottom end ?

07-30-11, 06:36 PM
Main bearing studs. Halfcase stud girdle. Oil pan/oil distribution plate is a totally different critter, BUT is still a structural member of the cylinder block.

Go up to the "Community" tab, open "Albums" and get into my two - the red Seville. There are pictures and diagrams of the halfcase and bearing setup.

07-30-11, 06:55 PM
i wennt to look for the ALbums in the Community tab area and it looks like it has disapered not sure if it has something to do with the new software update perhaps but i see cadillac owners garage nothing in there but i dont see albums anymore

07-30-11, 07:04 PM
Either in here or go all the way out to the home page. Scroll up to the top - where the Cadillac Technical Archive is in the upper dark bar and the Community tab is in the lower, smaller bar. Albums are in there, right now..................Cadillac Garage is a long way from the top of the Forums pages.

The bar tabs go: New Posts; FAQ; Calendar; Community, ........., ..........

07-30-11, 08:11 PM
Love the NP engraving! F'n suhweeet!

07-30-11, 10:01 PM
not sure why i feel stupid or blind because i couldnt find the album tab
so i just wnet into your profile and open it up from there

08-01-11, 09:27 AM
Nice! I may buy a set soon! Just so I'll have them if I ever have to take my engine back out again. Thankfully it runs beautifully!

08-01-11, 03:24 PM
I've seen CNC machining in action and NOTHING beats the speed and precision.
So long as you have a competent operator. Let an idiot run a CNC machine for a shift and I have seen 8-12hrs of scrap produced.

A good CNC program coupled with a good operator can really knock out the product quick.

Hope all is well Jake.


08-02-11, 10:59 AM
Thanks Hogg I have no doubts whatsoever it will take some practice getting experienced with that CNC - so I'm going to schedule myself two days off or something to learn and maybe get a guy over here to show me how to run the unit. Once that thing is running it should be automatic for the most part (yes will need tool changes, "zeroing" etc. every so often) - the one I found comes with an automatic bar feeder) but if need be I will hire someone to run it. I have to know either way how to run the machine.