: DIC programable?

07-29-11, 01:58 PM
Hello everyone.
I hope I can ask questions here,I'm sure I'll find out. I have a friend with a'99 eldo like mine,hers has coolant temperature included in the DIC's memory.Is it possible to put that in my eldo's instrument control memory? Could I use the VIN/1G6EL12Y8XU608246 to see if that was part of my eldo's package? If so where should I check at? I have an alldata account but i'm not very good at navigating through it yet....... FYI this caddy is running like a top,thanks to everyones help/posts,info ,ideas, top tier,most benefical oils and filters,that was given to myself and others. I am one pleased Eldorado Owner!
Oh that throttle wide open thing, I dont have the 'you knows' to go much over 85! I know 'what a pud 'and here's the kicker, Kansas Speedway just had a deal where you could drive your own car on the track reasonably cheap,since I drove a friends '88 ss monte carlo on it before the track opened I just blew it off 'as an experience'. Now I see where I missed my chance with the eldo......Well duh!
later guys Ed