: cadi509!!

07-29-11, 04:47 AM
I can't figure out the PM... Lol. I need some advice regarding some aftermarket stereo stuff. Either PM me or text me. Or just comment on this. Haha (509 306 1445) I need to wire the stock hu to the trunk to stop all of this stupid crap from happening... It is irritating to open your car door at midnight and not have lights come on! ... anyway, I don't know how to put it back there or what I need to do it. It was there before at one point, and the harness behind the stereo still has a couple of T junctions that are empty. Assuming those went to the trunk at one point. Help! Lol

07-29-11, 04:53 AM
^ I'm going to send you junk text messages and sell your phone number to advertising companies now :D

07-29-11, 04:54 AM
Haha go for it. Unlimited texting is the best. :yup:

07-29-11, 10:17 AM
PMs are on a hiatus due to our upgrade going on. There have been some bugs.


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Mushroom mushroom!