: Looking for 68 DeVille engine bay photos

07-29-11, 01:22 AM
Hello all,

I am half way through restoring my caddy, already done the body work by removing rusted panels and putting new panels in, but here is the new and more difficult challenge !!

I live in Australia, and we LOVE US cars here but don't have parts or experts to help us locally. My caddy was stored away in a shed for long time, and at some stage, someone pulled all the vacuum pipes out, and connections to the carburator. The workshop manuals helps a bit through diagrams, but I really need pictures of engine bay for visual, to clearly see where all the ducts hook up, as well as other small bits and pieces.

All the pictures on internet have air cleaner installed so I miss most of the stuff under or near it.

Is it possible for someone to take bunch of pictures and post these for me or email me with air cleaner removed? That will be awesome and greatly appreciated. Cheers


07-29-11, 07:43 AM
I had the same problem with my 69 caddy...what I found out is that it's nearly impossible to find a good vacuum diagram. In the end, I kind of had to just guess and hook up the vacuum lines in any way that would get me vacuum.

07-30-11, 01:07 PM
I'd love to see pix myself...
Not long ago I was on the same expedition as you are. From a comprehensive internet search, I compiled a bunch of pix. I also have pix of the Caddy I've been working on with the air cleaner removed. Mind you, the one I'm working on is not complete.

I've uploaded all the pix I have at the following link

The car I've got appears in the first several pix. Anyone else with pix of a complete engine or restoration, please do post.


07-30-11, 01:12 PM
Just found this as well
http://i1083.photobucket.com/albums/j384/68DevilleRag/th_IMG_5415.jpg (http://s1083.photobucket.com/albums/j384/68DevilleRag/?action=view&current=IMG_5415.jpg)

07-30-11, 11:49 PM


07-31-11, 02:19 AM
this is GREAT!!! you have no idea guys how many hours of guesswork there pictures will save me, I'll post some of mine to show the progress. Cheers

08-12-11, 09:23 PM
Looks like my link has been down for a couple days due to maintenance... hope it comes back. :{

09-26-11, 04:17 PM
I know this post is a little old but i took a bunch of pix in preparation for my '68 DeVille rebuild.

This isn't mine but it's an unrestored '68 Deville. Sister car to my convertible. Hope it helps someone.


Page 2 of the gallery starts the caddy pix. They're huge so you can zoom in to see detail.

10-20-11, 02:48 PM
I had forgotten about this thread...
Finally got a new server.
Uploaded pix here;