: Hose hanging down under escalade?

07-29-11, 12:02 AM
Got back from a 3 hour drive on highway the night before and noticed a small rubber hose hanging under the middle of the vehicle, the front of the hose (out of view and toward the engine) comes to a "T" and becomes two other hoses i cant see, the back end hanging down appears disconnected from somewhere.....the vehicle is now making an odd whining noise during acceleration...i suspect it is a vacuum hose that has come loose.....anyone have any ideas where this hose is suppose to be attached to. :hmm:

07-29-11, 10:11 PM
Got it figured out.....one of the tubes it "T"s off of is a short tube that goes to a metal stem attached to the top of the transmission housing, (you cant see it but you can reach up and feel it), then I crawled under a neighbor's Escalade and traced his backward finding out that the back end of the tube just vents and is suppose to be clipped above the front end of the driveshaft housing.....after I sorted that out of I still had the whining during acceleration to sort out......I thought they were related but that was just the usual thing that whines during acceleration.....the power steering fluid....basically empty