: '67 Deville Starting Problem

10-20-04, 04:14 PM
I own '67 coupe deville w/429ci and q-jet. I have recently epoxied the plugs at the bottom of the carb to aid the problem w/starting (only when its cold - usually in the mornings).
I am still having problems starting, even if i pump the gas few times crank it, pump pedal few times more and try to start it it takes a good 30 sec of cranking - usually the battery dies by the time I start the car.

Anyone with any solution of what it might be??

Thank you.

10-21-04, 10:02 AM
More than likely your choke is out of adjustment or binding and not fully closing. Check your choke before the first start of the day. Butterfly should snap closed when gas pedal is depressed.

As far as carb plugs leaking, it appears that you have taken care of that problem. But even so, an empty float bowl does not take but a few seconds to refill with a good fuel pump. As I mentioned in previous posts, whenever I did a carb rebuild the carb would always be installed dry. It would fire up within a five seconds of cranking. If however, you combine a misadjusted choke, leaking carb plugs and a weak fuel pump, you may have one hell of a time getting it started.
A full float bowl and properly adjusted choke will hide a weak fuel pump (easy starting). Weak fuel pumps don't pump well, if at all, during cranking speed (200 rpm), but deliver plenty of fuel at higher rpm's........ I guess I'm side tracking again.

At this point I think your problem is limited to the choke, especially if the car runs fine after it finally starts.