: Introducing myself.

Fleetwood Greg
07-27-11, 11:46 PM
78310Hello, my name is Greg and I have a fondness for LT1 cars.
I recently purchased a 1995 Fleetwood that has 55,000 miles on it, it has always spent winters in AZ. It was purchased new in AZ, I bought it from the family of the owner who has passed away.
He and his wife were from IA but were AZ snowbirds.
I am really enjoying the smooth ride, roominess, and luxury.
I also own a 95 Roadmaster, and a 95 Trans Am.
I have an album with pics of my new ride.
Fleetwood Greg

07-27-11, 11:58 PM
Post a pic man. I want a Fleetwood of that vintage but just don't need it. :)

Fleetwood Greg
07-28-11, 12:15 AM
I didn't need this car either, but I have wanted a nice one for years.

07-28-11, 12:20 AM
Looks awesome, Greg. Welcome to the Forums! :)

07-28-11, 12:28 AM
:welcome: The fleetwood looks very nice.

07-28-11, 03:02 PM

07-28-11, 03:07 PM
:wave: Hello there... nice fleetwood

07-28-11, 05:56 PM
Jealous of the Fleetwood. Very jealous.