: LT1 Driver Side Ignition Wires

07-27-11, 10:12 PM
Today I finally decided to replace original ignition wires on driver side and the coil wire. I have also replaced the driver side ACDelco platinum (OEM) plugs with NGK Iridiums.

The first thing what surprised me was the resistance of old and new SAME part number ACDelco wires.

OLD (kOhm) NEW (kOhm)

coil 2.50 4.50
#1 4.41 6.15
#3 4.60 7.40
#5 4.58 7.52
#7 6.60 11.40

I have removed the wires as a whole piece together with wire separators/holder (green dots in the picture). They are slidebly attached to the engine parts and the the metal wire guide. The latter has a hole (red dot) and a slot (blue dot) for two screws which can be engaged with rather 3/8" wrench than a 10 mm one. The screw which goes through the slot can be only reached from under the car. You only need to loosen it up and push the guide up.

I found removing whole thing (see the picture) convenient because you can take it home, and in the comfort of your kitchen replicate with new wires and looms. This approach also minimizes the probability of mistakes.

I have only used NYLON 3/8" ID looms which had industry standard gray strip along it. Cheap looms they sell everywhere are polyethylene and will melt right away.

The factory installed loom melted inside of the guide (sure you cannot see it without removing whole thing) and the #7 wire was a little bit burned and most likely leaked voltage to the ground.

The plugs had about 20,000 miles on them and looked okay, but #7 had some oil on it...

Time will tell whether this replacement will make engine run smoother and will fix that annoying slight hesitation usually around 43 MPH while trying to keep momentum driving up a hill.

The job can be done within some 60 minutes I guess, but I took my time to make sure everything is done properly.
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07-27-11, 10:50 PM
wow that's pretty cool to see! I want to do my plugs and wires too eventually.

07-27-11, 10:55 PM
FYI, the passenger side is much worse... I am not looking forward to doing it...

07-28-11, 06:32 AM
The passenger side is a killer PITA, I will pray for you :worship: