: New cts-v owner says Hello

07-27-11, 08:47 PM
I have owned my cts-v wagon for a little over a month and it's my 1st American sports car. I have been a germen sports car fan for a long time. I have owned 911, cl65 amg, and still own 03' Audi RS6. I must say Cadillac has blown me away! My "grocery hauler" is awesome, speed, handling and comfort are matched to all my previous cars. Sadly I had car with 300 miles into it and a bus's hub tore my back driver side quarter panel! The car is at one of the Best body shops in NJ. I wasn't even in the car! $7k repair job, bus company is paying. I haven't driven her in 3 weeks and I miss my car. My car is black/black, recaros, 19" polished automatic. I have been mulling beefing up the top end and have considered Lingenfelters kit. Pulley change, CAI, ECu flash, pretty reasonable...has anyone had experience with this kit? When I get her back I will post a pic of the before accident and after.

07-27-11, 08:56 PM


Lots of good options to mod her, you have to do your own HW and choose what you want. It's kind of a personal preference on who you want to go with.

Lots of good info here, do your HW and have fun!


Club Malibu
07-27-11, 09:10 PM
What is this best body shop in NJ?????

07-27-11, 09:22 PM
Ryan's, ocean nj.....Audi aluminum certified, Porsche , MB, etc, etc....the shop is immaculate.

Caddy Wagon
07-27-11, 10:24 PM
Congrats! I think yours is the third Wagon that I've heard of on this board with major damage to it with low miles, and none of them were the owners fault!

07-27-11, 10:31 PM
Ironically I have not leased a car in 4 years, because I tend to mod the he'll out of my cars, RS6 is stage 3 dahlback racing kit, method injection, 3"DP's into 100 cell racing cats, etc...640/770 as an example. I just dumped my cl65 and btw got taken to cleaners, I leased the wagon. Only thing is I still plan on modding, point is the accident report sticks with the lease. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came upon my car, but I must of chilled as I get older, because it didn't phase me.

Club Malibu
07-28-11, 12:34 AM
Ryan's, ocean nj.....Audi aluminum certified, Porsche , MB, etc, etc....the shop is immaculate.

Thank you. Good to know for future reference. I hope I never see the place.

07-28-11, 08:17 AM
congrats....enjoy the car.