: new group 78 battery in my V

07-27-11, 12:11 PM
The original battery failed in my 2007 last week and I installed a group 78 Interstate battery.

I had previously done research on the net and discovered that the group 101 battery that is proper for the car is hard to find, expensive, and less capacity than similar other batteries. I also discovered recommendations to use the group 78 battery as a substitution. When I found specifications for the 2 batteries I discovered that the group 78 battery was a bit taller.

I couldn't find a group 101 battery in our large city so I bought an Interstate (my preferred brand) group 78. I had thought about reinstalling the battery blanket but when I took it out I discovered that it was starting to deteriorate and was probably not worth reusing. I do think there is some value to the blanket and I think that is why my battery lasted 1 to 1.5 years more than it should have. (Batteries only last about half of their rated life down here in our hot climate.)

The new battery dropped right into place, fit under the cowl just fine, and looked like everything was great. Then I spotted the hood hinge and realized it would fold down into the space where the top of the battery is. I carefully closed the hood and everything fit ok. I could tell that the corner of the hood looked a bit higher than normal so it was touching the battery somehow. I drove on to work then when I got home that night I checked and found no signs of wear or whatever on the top of the battery. I got out an old blob of modeling clay, put it on top of the battery, and carefully closed the hood. You can see the depressions in the last photo. As it turned out the hinge itself came within 1/16" of the battery, but the stiff hose visible in the photo was against the battery, actually sandwiched between the hinge bolt and the top of the battery. I pulled the hose over and stuck a small piece of tape on it as a test so it was away from the hinge bolt. I closed the hood and it no longer touched the battery.

Of course YMMV and a little bit of difference in height from one brand to another, or different tolerances in the installation of the battery tray could make a big difference in how things fit. It would be relatively easy to take a little material off of the hinge for more clearance. It might be easy to lower the battery tray but I didn't have the time or patience to study that aspect of it.





07-27-11, 06:14 PM
Good tip for us.

I squeezed in a similar battery, an Optima Yellow Top I took out of my Ford Superduty.

Part Number: D34/78 (8014-045)

It fit without any issues as well. The side post terminals are closer together, but those fit no problem.

07-27-11, 07:53 PM
you need to get that dead foliage out of your engine bay

Interstate is a great battery. Even better when you have someone who gives you his vendor discount.

07-27-11, 09:32 PM
x2 on removing the compost..

07-27-11, 10:02 PM
x3, those are pinwheels, at least 4 months old.

07-28-11, 10:46 AM
Of course this little power interruption killed my clock (and a few other settings in the computer). Does anybody know how to reset the clock? I've searched the net but haven't found anything. I would figure that most people here are like me and bought their cars used. My dealer at least programmed everything for me but getting a manual with a used car is pretty much impossible.

07-28-11, 02:24 PM
personalization guide:


07-28-11, 04:00 PM
main, setup, clock

07-28-11, 04:01 PM
btw that clay marks kinda looks like a backwards facing shark. Thought u were messing with us at first