: Help with CEL code UO100

07-27-11, 11:12 AM
Blew out engine bay with compressed air yesterday (engine shields removed), while I was doing rear brake pads, and after moving the car back into her spot in the garage spotted CEL. Read it with scan tool, and subsequent attempts to start the car light dash lights and immediately extinguishes them, with no starter action. Hearing an odd humm from the rear of the car during the process, then silence. Any help? :confused:


07-27-11, 09:06 PM
Update to status, and 2 more codes. Put the STS on the Battery Tender last night and yes, it was apparently low enough to cause the no-start condition. Whew! She'd been sitting 2 weeks while I waited for the pads.

Subsequently, I pulled 3 total codes, and due to my CRS I'm unable to find my code file. Any help would be appreciated in decoding:
P0158, U0100 and P0700. Thanks Cadiacs.


07-28-11, 09:26 PM
The U0100 will not have requested the MIL be illuminated. What do you drive?

07-28-11, 11:33 PM
WTH happened to signatures here? Used to display my car, 2005 STS N* 1SF. I have since found software for my scanner, showing:
P0158 O2 Circuit High Voltage Bank2 Sensor2
U0100 Lost Comm with ECM
P0700 Trans Control System (MIL Request)

My STS has been sitting, driven infrequently for the last few months, while I've focused on getting this DAMNED sciatica addressed, much to my chagrin. Looks like I need to make a "Drive it like you stole it" run over to Monterey this weekend, and give her a workout. I'll clear the codes and see what the next few hundred miles bring.