View Full Version : Need help. My 06 suspension is shot. The Dealer doesnt want to fix it

07-27-11, 10:54 AM
I have a 06 STS4 with 92k.

Its a certified preowned. I bought it in Feb 08 with I think 37k. My car has been driving like my dads 99 Lumina the past 6 months. I had the mechanic get into the car with me and feel the car banging everytime I hit the smallest bumps. The mechanic agreed the car needs new struts and possibly new shocks.The dealer is telling me that the suspension is worn down but not broken or leaking so they cant replace them because theyre afraid theyll get back charged.They tell me if Im able to get Cadillac to OK them replacing them that they would. The service consultant told me when Cadillac calls they will tell them the problem and that they recommend replacing them.

So now I get a phone call from Cadillac saying the Service Manager at the dealership is saying my struts are perfectly fine and dont need to be replaced.

I have no clue why the Service Manager would be saying this especially since everyone else agreed the suspension is a mess.

My lower grille has fallen out twice from banging the bumps. Theyve replaced the right control arm twice on the car within the 2 months. The suspension is going to cause everything else in the car to start breaking. I dont even want to drive the thing around.

Should I just take the car to another dealer? Not really sure what to do at this point especially since Cadillac isnt helping at all.

I dont think Cadillac wants to fix it because of the mileage on the car.

Im located in NYC. The dealer is Northbay Cadillac

Any input is appreciated!

07-27-11, 11:08 AM
I would take to another dealer.. I had the same thing on a 2007 awd.. They did the same thing. control arm, but it did not fix. Then took the struts down and turned the top spacer a bit .. it was fine after that. I think there is a tsb about that.