: Dealership charges $60 diagnostic fee per complain after warranty?

07-27-11, 09:27 AM

Got a quick question. My local dealership told me after my bumper-to-bumper had expired (I still have GMPP extended warranty) that if I brought in my escalade for any issue, they would slam a $60 diagnostic fee on each complain. If the failure was due to something that would be covered by GMPP warranty, then I would be off the hook. Similarly if I were to pay them to fix the uncovered issue, they would also waive it.

The service manager brought it up because I complained about my rear view camera that would fail all winter but work fine during the warmer months. He said even if they couldn't figure out what was wrong, I would be out $60 and he suggested that I brought it back in when the camera malfunction again.

This is the first time I have heard of any dealership doing this.. and it is almost a deterrent for me to bring in my escalade to have things looked at. I have a squeaky noise in the front left when the truck is in motion and I think it is the strut that is not covered. I also have a loud clunk in the transmission or differentiate (it seems to come from the back, either when I step on the gas or slow down closely to a stop). I just don't want to be out $120 just to have them looked at, or worst, to be told the loud clunk is normal or they can't figure it out.

Any insight would be appreciated!


07-27-11, 09:55 AM
My dealer outside Chicago charges $125... I'm going to your guy!

07-27-11, 10:46 AM
My dealer outside Chicago charges $125... I'm going to your guy!

haha... they are in Toronto. Sounds like I stepped on a gold mine without realizing it!

I'm just not used to having to pay for that.. Typically I complain about something, they look into it and recommend a potential fix. I suppose they need to cover their costs somehow.. It is only fair.

Thanks for the reply!

07-27-11, 11:03 AM
yea.. that is the case.. I have the GMPP on my malibu and it is the same they will charge the fee if they cannot find anything that can be billed to the warranty.. my chevy dealer only charges 45 dollars.. here in OK

Cadillac Cust Svc
07-27-11, 01:14 PM

From my experience, typically the dealers will only charge one diagnostic fee per visit. So if you’re having an issue with your transmission and struts, it would only be the one fee. However, the dealers are independently owned and operated so if they wanted to charge a certain price to look at each issue then they can.

Thank you,

Elizabeth, Cadillac Customer Service

07-27-11, 02:09 PM
Believe it or not that is not bad, most charge 1 hour time, that could be $85 or $125 depending on your dealership

07-28-11, 10:18 PM
I was told the same thing recently when I took mine in for service on the GMPP. When I asked why, I was told that the technicians don't get paid to just be there but instead by the hours they're working on vehicles. The $70 fee my dealer charges was to cover the tech's time to test for the problem I claimed and/or to disassemble parts of the vehicle to find the problem. Luckily everything I brought mine in for was in fact replaced so I wasn't charged anything except my deductible for my GMPP.

07-28-11, 10:31 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys... much appreciated!