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07-26-11, 07:11 PM
I have a 94 sts 4.6 N* and sometimes at low speeds but mostly highway driving attimes when i let off the gas my rpm's drop way down. I also have had a kinda surging feeling at around 65mph. it almost feels like a running outta gas feeling. also i have the famous service ride control message. I have run the obd and got the following codes.

p052 history
p070 h
p109 h
no icp
no apc
no sir
no tcs
s060 h
s061 h
i have obtained anothr tps but dont know about the relearn thing i keep hearing about. My struts seem fine but these position sensors fault, is that going to be the wiring or can i test these to know if i need to shell out $130 for new ones. originally when i did the code check it only showed one of the position sensors codes but now it has both..ALL codes are in history... NOW im kinda lost:banghead:, ANY help would be Very much Appreciated. just realized this is in the wrong year area sorry....

07-27-11, 09:57 PM
You've found the 2005 & upSTS Forum. You'll get better info in the area for your car.

Good luck!