: Bad Shock Absorbers

07-25-11, 11:30 PM

I own a 06 V8 2wd STS with 32K KM... navigation and magnetic ride
last year my sts failed the registration inspection and the problem was rear shock absorber... luckily it was under warranty so the dealer replaced all 4 shocks... yesterday it failed the inspection again !!! front shock absorbers have no pressure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this time no warranty!!!!!!!!!!!

what aftermarket Shock Absorber do you recommend for the fronts?
I dont care about the magnetic ride, is it possible to install regular shocks with no problems?

I had nothing but trouble with this car since day 1, and GM middle east is as bad as the car...


07-26-11, 12:30 AM
What kind of test are they doing on the shocks to declare they have no pressure? Very unusual to have the MRC's fail, especially twice in 32K KM. Are you sure the inspector isn't just looking for a little "inducement"? Does the dealer concur?


07-26-11, 01:42 AM
they have machines to test the suspension, they did the test on 5 different machines to be sure.
I called the dealer, they say I must replace the shocks (part #:88964546) to pass the test. I have no faith in GM parts so I am looking for an aftermarket replacement.
I am very upset! twice in 32k (20K miles)!! I drive my STS like an "old lady lol". I have a race car to play with

07-26-11, 08:34 AM
Did they perform the tests with the engine running? The MRC shocks are not working with the engine off.

07-26-11, 11:04 PM
yes engine was running

07-27-11, 09:44 AM
Why exactly would the struts not work with the engine off? I understand they wouldn't change firmness, but they should still dampen the suspension. Shouldn't they?

07-27-11, 10:55 PM
aftermarket shocks? anyone?

08-03-11, 07:16 AM
I am not sure there are aftermarket for this car
I know the prior body style had some passive aftermarkets where you could by pass the sensor...but even then you lost your stabilitrack feature


08-22-11, 09:58 PM
Thanx Warren