: Climate Control Knob

07-25-11, 01:27 PM
Hi everyone,

I'd like to start by saying how much valuable information is provided on these boards and to thank everyone here for contributing.

I have tried searching for an answer but could not find anything pertaining to my question. The repair I'm asking about is for an 07 Escalade.
I'm wondering if it is possible to replace the temperature selector knob on the main climate control. The rubber coating on one of the knobs
has been damaged and I'd like to replace just the knob. Are they removable or is the climate control a "sealed unit".

Thanks in advance for any insight.

07-28-11, 09:58 AM

07-28-11, 03:07 PM
You may want to try one of these people on e-bay that repair the units, I could find no listing for the knobs only, but that does not mean they are not offered


07-28-11, 05:10 PM
Thanks for the reply. I've actually just purchased a working unit on ebay for next to nothing, I paid more for the shipping than the part itself. The auction says it works but the fan button
is missing most of the black coating. For what I paid for it, I'm going to try and open the unit and see if the knob itself can be removed and replaced; although I may just see if it is easier
to attach the fan speed button from my unit to the new one. I'll probably have the unit in a few days. If anyone has tried repairing the climate control I'd appreciate any information before
I dive into it.

Thanks again.

08-10-11, 09:50 PM
Just an update for anyone that is interested. I received the used piece and fiddled with it and realized that yes, the Knobs do come off.
They simply pull off and push back on. I didn't want to pull too hard on the knobs on my actual unit! I don't think GM sells the knobs
separately but they do come off. The unit itself also comes apart pretty easily with 4 screws holding it together. Once the screws are
removed and you pull the knobs off and the unit comes out of its casing. I took mine apart and was able to clean the lcd sreen and lens from
dust that had been trapped inside.