: New struts, now getting RSS codes(C1715,1722,1738) and speed limit to 90mph

07-24-11, 04:58 PM
Hello. I have a 97 sts. Awhile back, I had a shop put aftermarket Arnott passive struts on it for me. Since then, I've been having the 'Service Stability System' message come up and then also displays 'Speed Limit to 90mph.' I ran the codes and the RSS codes are C1715, 1722 and 1738. I can easily look up what each code means so I am looking for a solution/fix for these codes. I thought the arnott struts were supposed to come with the resistor which people are saying the struts need to bypass the codes??

07-24-11, 05:19 PM
You're in the wrong forum. This is the late model RWD/AWD section. You need to try again a little farther down the forum page.