: 24 oem vs 26

07-24-11, 10:07 AM
I just put 26son my ext and it looks good :) but there is some hard rubing when I turn left the right tire rubs so close to the bumper that it shaks it pretty hard and makes a loud rubbing noise. The other wheel rubs at deeper turns but just inside the wheel well. it also look like one of the wheel wells is a tad bit bigger.i wastold when I got the truck that the bumper had bin painted and the dealer ship I bought the car from(out of state) was not a caddy dealer. So maybe the put it on wrong? Anyways a friend loved the rims and told me to sell him the rims. I told him what I payed he told me what he saw them for( more then what I payed) and offered me 300 over what I payed. I love how they look and fit the wheel well but was shockd to see the difference in tire from my 24 to 26s I was tinking that they would have close to the same side wall(305 35 24 vs 295 30 26) but it looks so much smaller. So I was kind of scared of curbing it or denting them. So to my question. I love the 24 oem rims and would like to know if the guys that do have them still like them? Do you ever think I sould have gone bigger? One other thing keeps crossing my mind im not getting any younger. Maybe I should leave the bigger rims to the young kids :(

07-24-11, 10:12 AM
One more question? I dont have the sensors in the tires so the tire lights on. But it seams that I have not heard theair ride compresor come on any more? Could this have anything to do with the tpms? Or the fact that it sits higher? Do I have to reset it? I was working before I put the 26s on

07-24-11, 06:01 PM
Forget the thread solved the problem with the 26s and an goin to keep them. Hope it dont bite me in the a$$ later on

Q Dawg24
08-01-11, 02:01 AM
I'm in the same position. How do the 26s ride versus the 24s? Is the look worth the loss of the "Cadillac ride"?

08-01-11, 08:59 AM
Just so you know they 24" wheels are replica not OEM. They fill the wheel well better and I like the look. Remember potholes are not your friend!

08-01-11, 12:02 PM
26s on my ext look small from different angles. But they fill in the wheel well good and other times look huge. I love the oem look but I wanted 26s. I had problems with rubing but later found out that it had more to do with the bumper being on wrong. It slants down more on one side. So you sould.be good with a 295 30 26 tire is what I got, dont know about the 305s. On the highway its not bad at all or normal streets but when you go over stacks you can realy feel it. But then I do have some cheap sunny tires. I hear some people say that big rims on pirelli tires will make the ride so much better