View Full Version : Back from vacation- Ocean Shores

07-24-11, 04:42 AM
Went to Ocean Shores for a few days, and I managed to take my Caddy out on the sand! It was a lot of fun and made for a bunch of good photos. You don't see a DeVille with a surfboard on it every day, now do you? Lol. I got strange looks for that one... The DeVille made the 9' board look like a toy. Thought you would enjoy a couple of pictures.

The only bad part about the trip was that the surf was so tiny (it was only like 3 feet) that I couldn't get up on much. There's nothing like SoCal beaches... Stupid NW. Haha

07-24-11, 10:13 PM
I really like the pic of the C-pillar with the beach background. Very well composed shot.

07-24-11, 10:34 PM
^^^ Agreed.

07-25-11, 03:10 AM
I kind of failed with the ornament picture because all of the good angles glared the camera beyond belief... I like the C pillar one, too.