View Full Version : air in cooling system??

10-20-04, 06:56 AM
is it possible to have air in cooling system?

i read that some people have this problem and they have to bleed it etc.

supposedly a Waterfall sound or effect that gave them problems.

i read it in the ss handbook

I'm just wondering what are the effects of having air in the cooling system?

I never even thought about this and i still dont understand how this would happen or how it could be a problem

GO HERE for the handbook


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barge master
10-21-04, 05:03 AM
Figure when you drain the coolant, the radiator and much of the block is empty. When you fill it, the top of the rad. is the highest point, but all the cavities inside the engine are full of air, which must go somewhere. The closed t-stat primarily stops the coolant from displacing the air upwards as you fill it. The slower you fill it the better, it gives the air a chance to work it's way out as you fill it. You still have to run it till the stat opens and keep the cap off till the air works it's way to the top.