View Full Version : Saw My 1st STS in Person Today

Caddi Lover
10-20-04, 03:49 AM
Just wondered if anyone thought that the Deville looks more luxurious than the 05 STS. Saw My 1st STS today. It looked really small. It was really nice but I thought the Deville somehow looked much more luxurious. Didn't get to ride in it because there was something wrong with it and the dealer didn't know what it was. Wondering how the ride compares with the Deville. Which look do you guys prefer the STS or the Deville. Just interested. What are your opinions.

10-20-04, 12:29 PM
Had a STS IG odered since July. Still not scheduled to be built. Drove an ISE and it is awsome but too small for me and I can hardly tell it from A CTS except for the additional $30,000 Got a great deal on a brand new DTS and of course the ride and appointments are superior to the STS. I will wait for the new DTS which will be out a year from now

10-20-04, 01:56 PM
the more luxurious is the DTS or DHS but the more sporty one is damn shure
the 05 STS.
if you mostly got 4 - 5 people in the car than take the DTS.

I got a 2000 and its a beautifull car, the only thing I hate is the speed governor which limits at 21o km thats 130 mph

(here in Germany)