: Anyone help me with my Reccaro seats? Trying to fix an issue

07-23-11, 04:57 PM
There have been many complaints over these seats rocking, creaking etc from many owners.

I took over a lease from my friend who also complained and GM replaced the seat frames.

Every time i turn the steering wheel hard left to right or in a corner i feel a knocking sound on the left and right side of the seat where the plastic trim covers the control knobs.
I cant really see much under there and will need help to remove the seat but it feels like there is a
some sort of counter weight that is sliding back and forth under my butt

anyone else experience this or have any idea what it can possibly be?

I think seeing an exploded view of the seat can help me figure out what can be best approach to fixing it. Oh dont even say bring it to the dealer they refuse to make any further repair attempts since the seat frames were already replaced and they tell me its normal to have seat movement, what a joke. GM has
the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.

07-23-11, 05:30 PM
Don't know if your seat noise is similar to what Curtis' ( cbloveday) experienced but I do know Curtis (not the dealership) successfully fixed the problem. Might want to contact Curtis and get the details.

07-23-11, 06:33 PM
thanks for the suggestion il also do a search on his post. I tried sending a PM but he has his inbox full and it wont accept. I hope he sees thread and can shoot me a quick reply.

07-23-11, 07:31 PM
I'll try and send you an exploded view tonight

07-24-11, 12:49 AM
I did not have a knock. I did have a very annoying creak every time, I turned left, right. I first looked at the rails. I ended up adding lithium grease to the seat rail at the point they are connected to the floor board. I got a flexible extension for my grease gun to get down in that spot where the sun did not shine. I also put a gerous amount of leather conditioner on the area where the leather seat contacts the recaro plastic. Believe it or not this solved the creaking. I have a thread on this with a few photos. The dealership wanted to take the seat apart and I opted to track the noise down myself. It was not easy.

One thing you can do to try and locat ehte source is to push on the headrest towards the rear of the car. Doe sit creak? It is probably the at the place where the seat rail connect to the floor board. In my case the side to side noise was the leather on plastic recaro seat cover.

My PM box is now cleared. If you would like clarification over the phone. PM me your contact information.

Thread with Pic of where I applied the lithium grease.


I hope the steps to my resolution help and you get the issue resolved soon.