: 2006 STS V has hash down shifting 3 to 2 to 1st......help!

Rigo Torres
07-23-11, 12:12 PM
I have a 2006 STS V my first V and when i bought it it had 40k miles went to busch gardens one weekend and cooked my tranny i sent it to a tranny shop to get rebuilt and well ever since its been back 7 times and spent more of its days in the bay........it drives fine up shifts good but when i come to a stop while slowing down it catches 3rd harsh and as it reaches 1st its even more harsh like if i slammed it back into 2nd gear...(if u can imagine my example) im a mechanic but dont like to deal with auto trans since its not my desire to work on them.....i need help if anyone has had this issue let me know and what can i do to correct it.....it has became a pain in the ass the car now has 50,875 miles only has exhaust and D3 intake and no i havent ragged on it nor races since i havent even drove it furthur than 8 miles from the tranny shop to my house when it starts to shift the same way......the "tech" said it was my maf which i knew was bad there for swapped it since i needed to anyway and left the car there for furthur testing and still its down shifting like a 51 chevy with a colum shifter......shitty......advice....help.....direct ions if ur near by......

07-23-11, 01:22 PM
Welcome to the forum! There is a STS-V series specific forum above this one. You will probably get better info there.

Rigo Torres
07-23-11, 04:25 PM
thanks for noticing ima newbie soo were do i go to get proper help....thanks

Rigo Torres
07-23-11, 04:25 PM
im guessing were it says v series right....

07-24-11, 09:28 AM

One thing that might be worth looking at is the differential mount bushing. Mine (just a STS V8) needs replaced, and in researching it I found it was a fairly common problem for STS-V. I get what feels like a hard shift from time to time usually not under much load, when the torque goes between coming from the engine or the wheels (where you'd expect the twisting force on the mounts to change).

With all your transmission work it might be that too, but just wanted to mention another place to check esp with your V.

Rigo Torres
07-25-11, 10:29 PM
thanks for that tip its going on the lift this weekend ill check that out.....:suspect: