: 2006 STS 12" or 15" Sub ?

07-23-11, 04:52 AM
I am debating on whether a 12" or 15" Kicker L7 sub for my STS 2006.
I have factory navigation and had a guy do something to the back of the car (where the bose amp is at etc) so I can be able to connect a mono amp and sub.
I've tested my cousin's polk audio mono amp and 350RMS watt sub and he said it doesn't sound as loud as he would expect it to.
So I'm guessing since I am not running the setup the old school way (connections to the car battery, aftermarket radio, etc) its not going to sound as loud if I get a 1000RMS sub might give 700RMS ?

Will a 15" Kicker L7 in its ported box fit in the STS trunk ?

Thanks in advance

07-23-11, 08:06 AM
The thing you have to look into here is what kind of sound you want. 12" subs and 15" subs perform very differently, and they are good for different applications. If you listen to faster, more precise bass music, then the 12" is what you want to go with. 15" can get sloppy when playing quick tempo bass, but they have a deeper boom and more of an impact if you listen to more rap and simpler bass line songs. My preferred set up consists of 2 12" subs. Ported or sealed, it depends on your taste, but sealed boxes provide a flatter response curve and better sound quality, while ported boxes simply hit harder.

A 15" sub (in a reasonably sized box) should fit in the trunk of the STS without a problem.

07-23-11, 09:21 AM
Thanks I'm going with a 12" then ..

Found 1 guy has it for 270 for the 12" L7 in kicker ported box open box but not used He said he ordered it from a website (HalfPriceCarAudio) originally ordering a L5 but they sent him the L7 but he didn't return it because guess he knew he got something better. He told me i have a bmw x5 he got the sub n amp after then didnt have the money to buy his power ground rca cables high to low outputs & is leaving to his country next month so he just wants to make some profit of this.

And the 15" guy used it for 2 months has receipt / warranty from where he bought it but selling it due to his wife having a baby on the way now , hes selling for $270. This one got it from audiosavings

I'm on a budget so first I'll prob get the sub and hook it up to my current audiopipe sucky 2 channel amp & try hooking it up on bridge 1 channel for 640w x 1 @ 4ohm if possible before I intend to buy a new mono $200 amp that I def should have anyways.

My question is do you guys think its worth it?
12" L7 kicker ported box 750RMS - $270
15" L7 kicker 2-ohm ported box 1000RMS - $270

I don't even know if the 15" will fit in my Cadillac STS trunk but prob will.

Is it better to have a amp that throws the exact #'s as the sub's RMS ?

So my other option what I was going to do, was buying the Quantum Audio sub $175 (on ebay with a sealed box) (12" SPL 1500RMS 2-ohm) testing it with my current amp and then buying a mono amp from quantum or planet audio amp.

This is where I read some reviews from it, and I found it on other Car Audio forums good reviews too.
Brand New Quantum Audio 12" Q12d2spl 3000 Watt (1500 Rms Rated) Dual Voice Coil 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer with the Best Cooling Ventilation Technology and Insane Competition Spl Power!

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07-23-11, 09:31 AM

That cost $230 without a box, I might get it from this guy today $270 in the ported box already (from the manufacturer).

07-23-11, 09:32 AM
Just the link to show you the site. It's where I get my stuff. For future reference, that's all.

07-23-11, 09:36 AM
Just the link to show you the site. It's where I get my stuff. For future reference, that's all.
Cool & thanks, looks similar to the other ones. AudioSavings and HalfPricedAudio

07-23-11, 06:07 PM
Bought the Kicker VS12L7 2-ohm now to buy a mono amp

07-24-11, 03:41 AM
Sweet. A mono amp would do just fine. I actually have a 4 channel amp bridged to my 2 12"s. Lol. After a ton of tweaking, it sounds phenomenal.

07-24-11, 11:58 AM
I wonder what mono amp I should get

07-25-11, 12:02 AM
LOL at the 15's can't play the quick tempo as good and are deeper, load of crap. Its true ported will get you louder but they can sound just as good as sealed when done right.

Get an amp that has a bit more power than the sub needs, this way you don't work the amp as hard to push the sub to its max. Be sure to also set your gain correct, its not a volume knob. I highly recommend the DD-01 (Distortion Detector) from Steve Meade, $140 and they ship out Aug. 1. You can find em at wccaraudio.com and he has a tons of vids on YT showing how to use it.

07-25-11, 12:27 AM
I'm glad I didn't get the 15" lol, the 12" barely got in and barely fits hehe.
Thanks for the amp recommendation.
I'll be looking at bestbuy kicker amps since my friend works there and he can get me discount :)

Since I have the 11VS12L72 .. 2-ohm , do I need a 2-ohm mono amp right?

Kicker VS12L7 12 Inch 750W Solo Baric L7 Single Subwoofer Box 2 Ohm [11VS12L72]
SKU: 11VS12L72-N

RMS Power Handling (Watts): 750

Peak Power Handling (Watts): 1500

Subwoofer Size: 12 Inch
Basket Material: Cast Aluminum
Cone Material: SoloKon
Frequency Response: 20-100 (Hz)
Hole Cutout Diameter: 11-1/16"
Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm
Mounting Depth: 6-11/16"
Recommended Ported Box Cubic FT: 1.75 - 3.25 (CU. FT)
Recommended Sealed Box Cubic FT: .88 - 2.0 (CU. FT)
Sensitivity (dB): 88.6
Surround Material: Santoprene Rubber
Final Impedance: 2 Ohms
Width: 18-3/4"
Height: 16"
Depth One: 18"
Depth Two: 14-11/16"

07-25-11, 12:56 AM
I see you are on the SMD Forums as well lol

07-25-11, 06:47 AM
Its true ported will get you louder but they can sound just as good as sealed when done right.No, THAT is a load of crap. It is the simplest of sound knowledge. Sealed enclosures provide a flatter response curve, which means that they have less spikes in a specific frequency range. This results in a more even tone across all of the notes played in the box, better resonance, and sealed boxes provide the speakers with back pressure, making them return to starting position in less time than an open ported, making faster beats clearer. Having a system with two 12" subs in a sealed enclosure will outperform ANY 15" in a ported enclosure. (Despite the fact that 15" have more surface area and can produce lower frequency notes. They can 'go lower' for the layman.) Not to mention, ported boxes require more airspace inside of them, so they take up twice the space that a sealed enclosure does. And PLEASE, work on your grammar.

07-25-11, 11:59 AM
I see you are on the SMD Forums as well lol

Yes lol ..

Guys so, I had it all wrong all this time. I thought since my sub was 2-ohm I needed to look for a good rated RMS 2-ohm amp but in the SMD Forums they told me 2-ohm sub works under 1ohm or 4-ohm ..
So this makes things even harder to find an amp that throws more than 750W RMS @ 4-ohm under $200

07-27-11, 01:09 AM
eBay is a wonderful resource. Lol

08-12-11, 08:17 PM
Bought my sub thru craigslist and amp thru amazon

Kicker 12" L7 w/ Hifonics BRZ1200.1

08-13-11, 04:53 AM
Nice. :thumbsup:

09-13-11, 09:59 AM
I love this setup :)