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07-22-11, 04:26 PM
Hey guys,

So Iím considering selling my 2009 auto CTS-V. I've lurked on here for awhile so figured I'd make a quick post in case anyone is interested. We are moving to Tiburon, CA in a couple weeks and after thinking about the hassle of shipping, re-tuning for 91, and all the registration headaches, it seems like it may make more sense to just sell the car before we move. I hate to do it because I absolutely LOVE the V as a daily driver, but the thought of commuting into San Francisco with the horrible parking garages, etc., makes me just want to blend in and get a Prius. :yawn:

It is in absolutely perfect shape inside and out. No nicks, scratches, or chips anywhere. This is partly due to the fact that I had the entire car wrapped in a 3M cleat bra (except roof). As a result, it is practically maintenance free as far as a black car is concerned. Itís loaded with the exception of Recaro seats. I also added D3 lowering springs, powder coated the OEM wheels in black chrome, and tinted the windows (40%). It currently has approximately 9800 miles.

Patrick Sparks of Quality Motorsports did the engine modifications. In addition to the standard V bolt-ons (using some LPE pieces), we changed the cam, springs, and swapped the rear end to a new 3.73 from the 6-speed. We retained the stock downpipes and exhaust (with a cat delete) so it is still very quiet. It dynoíd 609whp on Andyís dyno down in Dallas, Tx last fall. Itís been to the drag strip once, running a 10.92 @ 126.5 on its second pass before they stopped me. Oil has been changed 3 times. Factory recall on the rear toe link bolts was completed a few months ago. The only issue Iíve had with the car is the driverís side magnetic door release was replaced while it was in for the recall. It runs perfect and my wife who occasionally drives it canít tell itís not quite stock. :thumbsup:

Iím happy to take some pics and send to anyone who might be interested. I have $18k in mod/appearance receipts. I would sell for $52k for a quick sale. Title in hand.

As a little bonus, below is a short iphone video of me running my friendís 2011 458 last month from a 40 roll. He shut it down before it got too ugly. :want:


07-22-11, 04:38 PM
Good luck with the sale and your move. Car sounds like a great find for someone in the market.

Caddy Wagon
07-22-11, 04:39 PM
Sweet deal !

07-22-11, 04:59 PM
Thanks guys! Best sedan I've ever owned.