View Full Version : Best-selling Chevy Cruse gets a diesel.

07-22-11, 01:45 PM
Finally, another US passenger car with diesel option besides the Jetta. This has my full attention.


The Tony Show
07-22-11, 02:02 PM
Nice. Glad to see GM paying attention.

07-22-11, 05:42 PM
Yep, I'm happy as well.

I'm also really surprised (and very pleased) to hear that the Cruze is the best selling car in America. I've seen a lot on the roads recently, but I didn't know it was doing this well! Good job Chevrolet!!!!

This song sums it up best:

07-23-11, 01:21 AM
That's awesome!!! Glad to see GM has become a market leader in a segment they've always stunk it up in. I'd really like to see a wagon/hatch Cruze as well, I know they already sell them in Europe.